Italian Women Shoes and Sandals

Italian shoes factory design made in italy

World Wide Distribution

Italian shoes factory design made in italy

This footware manufacturing company was founded in 1986 to skilfully coordinate a large network of local craftsmen, the true heritage of the region of Tuscany, which has always been at the forefront in the footwear sector.

Part of the manufacturing process is outsourced, with widespread controls on quality and on observation of design specifications.
With its internal office and flexible manufacturing, is still one of the strengths of Luzzi Brand.

In the meantime the Luzzi brand began to take on its own identity; a perfect balance between the search for a concept of elegance and accessibility of products that are always elegant but never designed just for niche consumers.

LUZZI SHOES are distributed all over Italy and most od Europe ; success is assured thanks to an extremely balanced concept of elegance, and to large collections that skilfully embrace different styles.